April 4, 2018

With deep sorrow, we announce the passing away of our mentor and teacher, and founder/director of AQU, Dr. Irfan Ahmad Khan.  He met his Lord last night at about 10:15pm, following couple of episodes of heart attacks.

His janazah (funeral) was well attended by hundreds of people from all walks of life and nationalities, at Muslim Community Center of Chicago.  He was buried earlier today at Chicago’s historic Rosehill Cemetery in Muslim Lot.

From God we come to Him we return.


Dr. Irfan Ahmad Khan accepting a joint award by ISNA and CIOGC at ISNA Convention 2016 in Chicago, recognizing his lifelong contribution to better Islamic understanding.

Islamic Society of North America (ISNA) and The Council of Islamic Organizations of Greater Chicago (CIOGC) jointly gave an award to Dr. Irfan Ahmad Khan at their 19th Interfaith Unity Banquet during ISNA Convention 2015 held in Chicago. Dr. Irfan Ahmad Khan was awarded in recognition of his lifelong contribution to the understanding of Islam in relation to other faiths has been a source of inspirations for generations.

Dr. Irfan Ahmad Khan is the founding President of the World Council of Muslims for Interfaith Relations (WCMIR). He is committed to Interreligious dialogue and understanding. He currently serves as Chair of the Interreligious Engagement Project as well as a Trustee for the Council for a Parliament of the World’s Religions (CPWR). Dr. Khan is the Founder and currently Managing Scholar at Association of Qur’anic Understanding based in Chicago.

A respected Islamic Scholar and author who insists that the Believers must develop the understanding by building the personal relations with the Arabic Text and message of the Qur’an in today’s context, pondering, reflecting and contemplating the Text and message of the Qur’an in an ongoing practice using the help of Teachers where needed.    

Dr. Irfan Ahmad Khan spoke to the well attended distinguished International audience in accepting the award. Dr. Khan said that our common goal, of all the Religions, is to establish Peace on the earth. The debate is how to achieve Peace. The peace cannot be achieved through Wars. What is required; that all the forces of goodness should unite and work towards peace. It means that all the Religions should unite for the cause of peace. 

Dr. Irfan Khan elaborated, “that all the Prophets and Messengers of God including Moses, Jesus and Muhammad (May Peace be Upon All of them) invited Human beings to become one family of servants of one God and there be no Lordship of man over man. This is our concept of Interfaith”.



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