Reflections on the Quran (Surah Fatiha & Baqarah)

by Irfan Ahmad Khan

Explanations of the first two chapters of Quran al-Fatiha and al-Baqarah

This book is an effort to understand the Qur’an with a modern mind. These reflections see the Divine Book as encountering the situation we face today – guiding the present-day world which it sees as being on the verge of destruction, due to its neglect of the Hereafter and prevalent lordship of Man over Man.

Every Qur’anic surah (chapter) is a complete discourse with perfect systematic coherence. The author’s aim is that the readers should be able to develop such a familiarity with the Divine Text as enables them to perceive how various themes within a surah are organized to highlight the basic insight of the surah. Obviously, it needs training and exercise.

The main book is composed of a study of al-Faitha and al-Baqarah. For the purpose of study, al -Baqarah is divided into thirty-six sections. Every section is followed by study notes or reflections of very different lengths. There are eighteen notes on al-Fatiha and six hundred and thirty-nine on al-Baqarah.

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