About Us

Why AQU?

The need for the Association for Qur’anic Understanding arises from the fact that most Muslims are detached from the Qur’an and the revival of the Global Muslim Community (Ummah  Muslimah) is not possible without our direct relationship with the Qur’an, individually and collectively and the Qur’an showing us the way in all aspects of our life.

For the above purpose, it is required that there is networking among the Qur’anic scholars and these scholars help the masses of the Muslim Community in their understanding of the Qur’an with their own minds.

AQU has initiated a Qur’anic Movement for the above purpose and is looking for the working together of all sections of our community of believers.

Goals & Objectives

Through a process of networking among interested individuals and institutions, AQU will work for a continuing progress in Qur’anic understanding on all levels.

Through the help and guidance of our Qur’anic scholars and other believers interested in Qur’anic understanding, and using all the available resources, we aim to instill in the Muslim masses a desire to get closer and closer to the Qur’an and develop the ability and skill to read and understand its text.

We call upon the Ummah to raise resources that are required for this purpose – the most important of these being competent Qur’anic teachers.

In the 20th century, God blessed us with Islamic scholars who revived the Global Muslim Community through their interpretation and understanding of the Qur’an. In the 21st century AQU is looking forward for networking among Qur’anic scholars from various schools. It has the expectation that they will help people in building their relationship with the Divine Text and will strive to raise their level of understanding it. We understand that according to the Qur’an, every believer is a student of the Book.  To put it simply, AQU strives to:

  • Reach out to people and to connect them with the Divine Words;
  • Help them in understanding the Qur’an with their own minds;
  • Create in them abilities and skills which are required for its comprehension;
  • Coordinate the efforts of Qur’anic scholars;
  • Raise the required resources;
  • Help in the preparation of competent Qur’anic teachers;
  • Print and publicize books which teach the method of understanding the Qur’an   and of  developing a direct relationship with it;
  • Develop websites and use Information Technology for these objectives;
  • And, InshAllah, with mutual help, facilitate the Ummah’s revival.

Local Team

Executive Committee

Dr. Mohammad Ashraf Toor, President
Khalifah Islam, Vice-President
Afaq Mujtaba, Secretary General
Mohammad Basheeruddin, Treasurer

Publication Committee
Marketing Committee
Fund Raising/Finance Committee
Outreach Committee
Education Committee

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